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Pets allowed

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Pets' owners needs to have regular certificates of their own pets.
It is possible to bring pets at a local dog beach.
It is mandatory to always keep control of your own pet.
Pets cannot access the swimming pool area and the restaurant/bar area.
It is not possible to wash your own pets using public water along the Camping Village site.
It is not possible to leave your pet alone in your accomodation.

Dog Beach

At few minutes walk from the Camping Village site there are free and not free dog beaches where you can go with your own dog (pet).

Facilities to your dog

On request we could offer a cleaning, and healthy service to your dog (pet).
Local doctors are available to visit our Camping Village site and take care of your pet if necessary.
At the end of our Camping Village site there is a big park where you can go with your pet and let him free to have a nice run around.