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What types of payments do you accept for the balance at check-in?

We accept cash, credit cards and debit cards. Checks are not accepted

Do you accept animals?

Yes, we accept pets of all sizes, and they can stay with you in the house, the only areas not allowed are the swimming pool area and the restaurant inside.

At what time can I take possession of the house?

The house is available from 4.00 pm if you arrive earlier you are free to park your car and wait.

Are the pools always open?

No, the pools are open in the morning and in the afternoon, with the closing for the lunch break, this is to ensure proper filtering of the water and to guarantee the hour of silence even in the houses closest to the pools.

How do you get to the sea?

For the sea there are two possibilities: either take the cycle path that starts from inside the campsite and reaches the sea, or our free shuttle service.

How does the free shuttle service work?

The shuttle service works in the morning and afternoon except for the lunch break and we take customers in front of the desired beach, free or with a special agreement. The shuttle service works as a round trip.

How does it work for the sea?

In front of us there are free and paid beaches and we have agreements with a couple of bathing establishments that will implement a discounted price for our customers.

Is there a swimming that accepts the dog?

Yes, one of the bathing establishments affiliated with us accept dogs on the beach, not in the water.

How far are you from the sea?

From the sea we are 11 minutes of clock walking along the cycle path, 5 minutes of clock by bicycle along the cycle path, or 3 minutes of clock using our free shuttle.

Is it worth bringing bicycles?

Yes absolutely, Porto Recanati is a country entirely in the plains, having a bicycle is very convenient for getting around even in the evening after dinner. Our customers find it convenient in the evening to leave their car safely at the campsite and go to the village on foot or by bicycle.

How far are you from the city center?

We are 11 clock minutes on foot, clock 5 minutes by bike, clock 3 minutes by using our free shuttle.

I am in the village, what time do I have to leave the house on Saturday morning?

On Saturday of departure, the cottage must be vacated by 10.00 am.

Which motorway exit should I take?

The exit is Loreto - Porto Recanati then continue for a couple of km along the state road towards Pescara.

I have set the navigator on your via S.M in Potenza 30-a and I can't find you?

The whole district is called Santa Maria in Potenza and that is why the various navigators have difficulty. You can find us easily for the flags on the perimeter next to the football stadium.

How is the sea in Porto Recanati?

This year Porto Recanati has taken the green flag as a beach suitable for children.

What is the sand made of?

On the north side it is a mixed sand-gravel, while on the south side it is fine sand.

Does the sea go down immediately or gradually?

Where you find rocks in front of the beach the sea is shallow, vice versa where there are none.

Can I leave my dog ​​at the campsite or in the house?

As a rule, the owner cannot leave his pet unattended, for this purpose an external dog sitter service is available on call.

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